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Assist Amoli


This is Amoli. She is a young girl from Juba, South Sudan. She is approx 12 years old. She has epilepsy and was tending the fire home alone one day when a seizure caused her to fall into the fire. A neighbor came hearing her screams.  

A hospital in Boston was sponsoring her to come to Boston for extensive surgeries. We saw a Facebook plea for a foster home and our hearts lept within us! She was set to arrive in our home last March. The travel bans and document issues with her translator caused her arrival to be delayed numerous times. It was during these delays that the sponsoring hospital expressed hesitancy due to her epilepsy not remaining stable enough for the operations. They later declared her health unfit for the operations. Her fate seemed grim in a country slaughtering their own in large numbers. The UN calling it the next Rwandan genocide. Millions have fled the country. Approximately 85 percent of those being widows and orphans. Amoli’s physical appearance puts her life further at risk. She was devastated at the news of not recieving her surgeries. She felt abandoned and rejected. 

But God remembers the orphans! Recently she was connected to our brothers and sisters in Kampala where she obtained refugee status. She is obtaining some amount of surgery there. The first picture shows the hospital that is taking on her care. 

It is with some sadness that I post photos of her, because she does so much to prevent others from seeing her face. But, she is beautiful! She also needs us all to see, so we can bear her burdens with her. I pray she can choose to show her face someday on her own joyfully! 

Amoli is being cared for by 2 faithful widows in Uganda. She has many needs and they all could use our support. The most pressing need is a translator. We anticipate a full time translator, including meals while there and transportation will cost between $75-$100 per month. Amoli currently has infections and has extensive travel to and from the hospital. The sisters are taking on supporting her financially on a widows mite. 

Some of the local ladies in Boston are also putting together care packages for her. We won’t have a lot of room but can include things like cards and pictures. She cannot speak any English which is the national language of Uganda. She is taking English classes and hopes to have a translator soon. 

She is completely unable to communicate to anyone other than “I go Juba.” She feels alone and needs human interaction. They can communicate love and joy to her in non verbal ways but she wants to communicate pain and suffering to them. 

If you feel led to donate to this refugee, orphan, widow situation it is tax deductible. You can choose to do automatic monthly donations or a one time donation. Please mark “Amoli” for a general fund for her or “translator” if you would like to support that need. If you don’t have the ability to help financially please include her and the jaja’s in your prayers. As beautiful as she is there is much healing to be done. Her appearance is a very mirror of her heart.

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