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When: August 8-12, 2022

Where: Medford, MA (Greater Boston Area)

For whom: People who want to make an impact for the kingdom of God

Theme of the week: Discipleship


How do we make disciples as Jesus commanded? And from those that teach us, How do we be a disciple? As a disciple, How do I study the Bible? Jesus had disciples that he told to go make disciples. We want to learn about making disciples and being disciples this summer.

Finny Kuruvilla is from the Boston area and has given many teachings in the Boston church since it started. He will be leading a class of “How to study the Scriptures like a disciple”, where he will teach an Inductive Bible Study. People tend to struggle with personal and group studies of the scripture and Finny will be teaching a study method that has proven very helpful for many people. 

Charlton Sweazy, formerly in Uganda and now working at The Bridge English Training Center in Malden, will be teaching “How to make disciples”. This is one of the core commandments that Jesus gave his disciples. Charlton’s time in Uganda and leading the church there gives him the experience to pass on in this area.

Matthew Milioni is from the Boston area as well. He is now a father of 12 and has been working and preaching in the Boston church since its beginning. Matthew will be speaking on “How to be a disciple”, where he will teach the value of being a disciple to empower us to go and make disciples.


We will be meeting in Boston area in the homes of the Followers of the Way people the weekend before the Bible School. There should be sufficient lodging for all students with the Followers of the Way families. Please contact Joe Wine if you have specific questions or requests at joewine2@gmail.com. It is an easy 15 min drive to the airport from our communities. Anyone that chooses to fly in the Saturday prior we will make transportation arrangements to pick you up at the airport. We do not plan to provide rides from the airport on Sunday to allow our groups to meet.

Classes will be held at The First Baptist Church in the City of Medford, from 8:30AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. A subway pass for the week is included with the cost of tuition (called T-passes). 

Daily classes will consist of the following:

Finny Kuruvilla - How to study the scriptures like a disciple

Charlton Sweazy - How to make disciples

Matthew Milioni - How to be a disciple

Mini Sessions on Discipleship

Afternoon Prayer Groups


We have decided to set the age bracket at 18 (if we have space younger applicants may be considered), because we will not be chaperoning students. We expect serious, devoted and conscientious young people only to apply. As such, we expect all Biblical standards to be followed. All students should come and remain in modest attire and ladies will be expected to wear head coverings and dresses. Men are expected to be respectful and kind. Please be mindful of this at all times as you will be representing Christ to our city.

Cost for the bible school will be $200. We wouldn't want finances to stop you from coming, so contact Jeff at jeffbilltodd@gmail.com if you need some financial assistance or other questions.