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Registration is now closed. We hope to see you in future years.


When: July 15-19
Where: Boston, MA
For whom: People who want to make an impact for the kingdom


What does it mean for a thing, or a life to be “worthwhile”? What is the value and worth of your life? Are you searching for how to have a meaningful life?  We know that a life not lived for the Kingdom of God does not have the worth that God intended. We want to talk about value and values at City Hill Bible School this Summer.

Finny Kuruvilla will be speaking on “Grace Worth Saving”, where he will discuss a biblical perspective on what is known as the “Doctrines of Grace” by the reformed traditions and the errors of Calvinism that have not only marred evangelical Christianity but spread their influence even into the kingdom oriented people of God. What is Grace? What does it mean to be saved? What about predestination? Finny will address these issues and more. Dean Taylor, recently moved to Boston with his family to the Boston area to work with Sattler College. He is widely known for his testimony of leaving the United States Army as a conscientious objector and writing “A Change of Allegiance”. Dean will speak on “A Fight Worth Fighting”. Dean will discuss active Christian faith. What is the value of our lives being lived in the kingdom of God? What are the things that we should focus on and how can we affect the world around us for Jesus’ Kingdom? Matthew Milioni is from the Boston area as well. He is now a father of 11 and has been working and preaching in the Boston church for 6 years since its beginning. Matthew will be speaking on “A Life Worth Living”, where he will profile the lives of young Biblical heroes like Daniel and Joseph. Matthew hopes to examine what it means for a life to be of value to God.


We will be meeting in Boston at the home’s of the Followers of the Way people the weekend before the Bible School. There should be sufficient lodging for all students with the Followers of the Way families. Please coordinate with Matthew Milioni if you have specific questions or requests at matthew.milioni@gmail.com. It is an easy 15 min drive to the airport from our communities. We will make transportation arrangements with all of the accepted students.

Classes will be held at Sattler College in the City of Boston, from 8:30AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. A subway pass for the week is included with the cost of tuition (called T-passes). Students will be shown the route Monday morning and expected to convey themselves back and forth on the train the rest of the week.

Classes will consist of the following:

Finny Kuruvilla - A Grace Worth Saving
Dean Taylor - A Fight Worth Fighting
Afternoon Prayer Groups
Matthew Milioni - A (Young) Life Worth Living

We have decided to set the age bracket at 18 (if we have space younger applicants may be considered), because we will  not be chaperoning students. We expect serious, devoted and conscientious young people only to apply. As such, we expect all Biblical standards to be followed. All students should come and remain in modest attire and ladies will be expected to wear head coverings and dresses. Men are expected to be respectful and kind. We have set the school in downtown so that students can interact with people on their way to and from meetings if and when the opportunities arise. Please be mindful of this at all times, you will be representing Christ to our city.

Cost for the bible school will be $120 for men and $100 for women. There may be a few scholarships available, please let us know if you need help.

Please fill out the following form to submit your request to attend City on a Hill Bible School.

Registration is now closed. We hope to see you in future years.