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Literature and Resources

Kingdom of God

Church life

  • Finny Kuruvilla, King Jesus Claims His Church (Anchor-Cross Publishing, 2013). Many people today say, "I'm spiritual, but not religious." Such language reveals a hunger for God but a distaste for the church. Even in the church, Christians are asking, "Is this what church is supposed to be?" Many Christians sense deep down that there is supposed to be something more, but are unsure of what that something is. King Jesus Claims His Church presents a stirring, bold vision for the church that is both biblical and timely. Available on amazon.com or from Scroll Publishing.
  • Leonard Verduin, Anatomy of a Hybrid: A study in church-state relationships (Eerdmans, 1976). A brilliant book on the relationship of the state and the church. Available on amazon.com or Scroll Publishing.

On entertainment and sports

  • Alex Marini, The Christian view of sports (1992). One of the best messages ever given on this important subject. Available as a free mp3 by clicking here.

Books on nonresistance

  • John Howard Yoder, What would you do? If a violent person threatened to harm a loved one... (Herald Press, 1992). Definitively answers the age-old question on responding to personal threats of violence. Available on amazon.com.
  • Dean Taylor, A Change of Allegiance (Radical Reformation, 2008). Taylor takes the reader on a journey through the Scriptures, Christian history, and his own life's story demonstrating the incompatibility of Christianity and war. Ultimately, Taylor challenges his readers to consider where their allegiance really lies. Available on amazon.com or Scroll Publishing.
  • George Kalantzis, Caesar and the Lamb: Early Christian Attitudes on War and Military Service (Wipf & Stock, 2012). A professor at Wheaton College surveys the early Christian writings and concludes that the ante-Nicene (pre-325 AD) church was uniformly opposed to war. Available on amazon.com


  • Kent A. Field, A Time to be Born; A Time to Die: A Study of the Age of Accountability. A free book in pdf format presenting a very pointed and detailed discussion of the "Age of Accountability" and a direct challenge to the practice of Infant (child) Baptism within the Church of Christ and other religious institutions (click here to read).

Divorce and remarriage

  • Roger Hertzler, Dear Pastor: A Plea for Honesty About Divorce and Remarriage (2008). A free book in pdf format that skillfully addresses this difficult subject (click here to read).
  • Finny Kuruvilla, Until death do us part: is remarriage biblically sanctioned after divorce? A brief essay addressing the question, "Is remarriage biblically sanctioned after divorce?" (click here to read).

Greek Bible

  • The New Testament in the Original Greek (Anchor-Cross Publishing, 2014). This edition of the Greek New Testament has been prepared specifically for the Kindle and includes enhanced parsing features. Touch on any word and get the parsing of the word and its meaning. Keeping the parsing and English meaning "behind" the text makes this edition is well suited to advanced or beginning students of Koine Greek. Available on amazon.com from Anchor-Cross Publishing.


  • Treason, written by Matthew Milioni: click here for pdf. The document is two-sided and is designed to be folded into a tract for convenient distribution.

Early christian commentary 

  • Early Christian Commentary of the Sermon on the Mount, by Elliott Nesch: (click here to read). A substantial number of the early Christians died as martyrs. Like the apostles, the early Christians were willing to die for their beliefs. Therefore we ought to seriously consider what they have to say to us today, especially when it comes to their understanding of history’s greatest sermon ever preached.